Official website of the Chevado Wheelstander Larry Oryall

Official website of the Chevado Wheelstander Larry Oryall

Official website of the Chevado Wheelstander Larry OryallOfficial website of the Chevado Wheelstander Larry Oryall

Engine work

Time lapse of me pulling the drivetrain. 

one of a kind!

Reviving a Legend


The Torch has been passed! I have been named next owner/driver of the legendary Wheelstander Chevado by the original man himself, Gary Kleckner. The car has been sitting in a garage since 1988, and was in need of a lot of TLC. Restoration has begun, and will continue until it looks as close as we can get it to the previous "Street, Strip, and Show" condition as seen in this picture. 



We are currently restoring the car which has been stored since 1988. The process is long, expensive, and sometimes, exasperating! The technology is 50 years old, and sometimes to hunt for parts is an adventure in it's own right. This is the biggest project we have taken on, and it is awesome!

Getting involved


We will be designing merchandise for sale on the site,  we will accept contributions to the project too! We would love to hear feedback about the car, testimonials from fans who have seen it in action, and helpful tips for the restoration process

From Dream to Dragstrip!


Gary Kleckner loves cars. He realized from an early age that fast cars would be a central theme in his life. A member of the Los Angeles Street Racers, Gary bought a beat up ten year old 1955 Chevy Nomad in 1965, and naturally,  raced it hard! after he blew up his second 327 small block, he was planning on dropping in a third one,  when he awoke in the middle of the night with a vision of a car unlike any other at the time. Gary knew that the new  Oldsmobile Toronado had a fantastic big block.

The work begins


Gary also knew that the Toronado had a design flaw, they would sometimes catch on fire! There were a few of these slightly damaged cars around, at a decent price. He woke up the morning after his dream and began the Herculean task of cutting out the floor in the back of his Nomad with a hammer and chisel. He was going to stuff a front wheel drive Toronado engine and transmission in the back of his wagon!

redesigned from the frame up


Gary and his Crew had to reinvent the wheel! They redesigned the entire frame of the car, with a removable subframe, which houses all the component to run the engine. The subframe can be removed by a capable pair of men in about 20 minutes, and can run independent from the rest of the car! Truly a design ahead of it's time! Countless hours of labor went into the car; focus on speed, stability and safety was foremost in their design.  



2019 Appearances

Chevado will be making the following appearances:

Cars and Bikes at the Vista

Friday/Saturday August 30-31

405 Arizona St. Bisbee, AZ

Hot Wheels Legends Tour

Saturday, September 7th

Walmart Tempe,

1380 W. Elliot Rd., Tempe, AZ

Valley Speed Center Open House

Saturday, November 9th


Merchandise Available Now

Shirts and stickers are available now, more merchandise coming soon.

Donations to the restoration!


Contact Us

Drop us a line, We'd love to hear from you.

Larry Oryall

chevado dragster

Prescott Valley, Arizona

(928) 533-5828

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